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If you have any questions or want to book a trip let me have the opportunity to make your trip a success!

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If your trip is canceled due to bad weather then you will be given the opportunity to either receive a refund on your deposit or reschedule your trip and roll over your deposit. This decision can ONLY be made by the captain of your trip. Weather conditions, such as rain, are not cause to cancel a trip. Cancelations are extremely rare with no more than three to five days per season being canceled due to weather. On the other hand, if you choose to cancel your trip due to a personal, work, financial or other issue including ALL COVID-19 complications (Except on our end) the deposit will be kept and the remaining additional funds are owed to  Dream Catchers Charters depending on the situation and the amount of notification.

When it comes to cancelations the whole key is the amount of notice we are given. Our demand is extremely high so as long as we have enough notice moving schedules and issues are not the end of the world and we are happy to work with clients as much as possible. However, once we get within 21 days of your trip we start to have more issues finding a person to fill the dates which is why we have our cancelation protocols. If you cancel with more than 21 days’ notice you will have the choice to either have your deposit refunded or transferred to another date. If you cancel within 21 days you are eligible for a refund of up to 50% of your deposit depending on my ability to reschedule that day. The other 50% of your deposit will be forfeit and will be used to cover our time needed to try to make all the calls, texts, and emails needed to hopefully find a replacement client. If you cancel your trip within one week of your first scheduled day you are responsible for the full cost of the trip.

Please keep in mind that each cancelation will be treated on an individual basis depending on the circumstances. Remember that fishing is not our hobby, it is our occupation. It is necessary for us to work nearly every day of our limited season to ensure that we can make our living. A common misconception we hear when clients cancel last minute is that they will reschedule and move the dates back later that same year thinking that it is the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Please remember we have roughly 240 days a year to make our living and since we book up 100% of our open dates if you cancel last minute when we do not have the ability to refill the date the date you left is now taking away essentially 1/240th of our yearly income. You can’t get that day back later in the year, it’s simply gone. For that reason, we request clients take their commitment seriously, especially once we get within 21 days of our trip. If you have scheduling issues or other concerns please let us know in enough time that we can refund or move your deposit and you are not docked anything.

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